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Callahan & Galloway opened its doors on June 1, 1995.  Joe Callahan & Nancy Galloway started the company with the idea to provide the smaller investment property owner a management company willing to handle a single property or small group of rental units.  Auben Galloway joined the team of partners in Spring 1999.  Founding partners, Joe Callahan and Nancy Galloway, have both since retired.   Auben Galloway and Laurie Oberweather have worked diligently to redefine and restructure Callahan & Galloway to be more efficient and more organized than ever before.

Callahan & Galloway staffs friendly and knowledgeable office personnel.  Our staff treats tenants, owners, and applicants with courtesy and respect, while standing firm with office policies.

Callahan & Galloway employs its own maintenance staff willing to tackle the day-to-day needs of tenants or property owners, as well as provides a 24-hour answering service to handle any emergency issues.  Our maintenance supervisor, Jeremy, has been with Callahan & Galloway since 2010.

Callahan & Galloway is conveniently located in The District at 415 Locust Street, Suite A, Columbia, MO. We purchased the location of our business in Fall 1997, and through extensive renovations, were able to open our new (and improved) doors in late 1998.  Callahan & Galloway is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.





Meet the C & G Masterminds

Auben Galloway

Chief Problem Solver/Owner

Favorite local spot: Booches (2 EGROs, please). The 15+ year home of our Christmas office party and 8 Ball Pool Tournament.

Auben was born and raised in Columbia. After graduating from MU he moved to Seattle following outdoor adventures and later further south to Sonoma wine country.  After 5 years of Missouri plane tickets and missing the four seasons of the midwest, he came back to his hometown roots.  It wasn’t long before he discovered the growing niche in town that Joe and Nancy had started with only fourteen properties.

We like to joke that if it’s a nice day and Auben can’t be found in the office, he’s probably taking a break from the computer. Those showings take extra time if it’s sunny and 75 degrees outside, ya know?  All joking aside, if he’s not in the office he is most likely enjoying time with his wife and two boys, serving on one of his various boards, consumed in the True/False Film Fest, or getting caught up talking to dang near everyone in Columbia. We swear he’s friends with half the town.

Laurie Oberweather

Chief Problem Solver

Favorite local spot: Beet Box for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert

Laurie has been in Columbia since 2007 and with Callahan & Galloway since 2009.  She is a Columbia College and MACC alumna, and as a KCMO native, a diehard Chiefs fan.  Laurie has done it all in our office.  She started as a receptionist moving up the ranks to Leasing Agent and Office Manager.  After the retirement of Joe Callahan & Nancy Galloway, Laurie ascended (a literal ascent as her office is now upstairs) into a leadership role.

Outside the office, Laurie likes to stay active & healthy.  Whether it’s an impromptu kitchen dance party with her husband and two young daughters, teaching a group fitness class at Wilson’s, or training for a half-marathon, she’s a go-to for all things related to health & wellness.  She also really, really loves food.  That’s all – she just wanted to be certain we mentioned her appreciation of good food.

Tyler Silk

Leasing Agent

Favorite local spot: Jake's for cheap beer & a good pork tenderloin

Tyler is the newest addition to our office and lucky for all of us, he’s one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet.  His job isn’t always the easiest, collecting delinquent rents or charging late fees can be rough, but he does so with kindness and a smile (which in hindsight you might not be able to see over the phone, but trust us, it’s there).  He provides personalized and sincere service to every tenant & prospect he interacts with.  He is truly one of the good guys.

When he’s not working, Tyler can be found cuddling with his dog, Lucy, and spending time with his gal, Amanda.  He also knows an awful lot about cars, political science, and plans to one day become a Lawyer.  He’s also a lover of succulents.


Melodi Brant

Office Manager/The Gatekeeper

Favorite local spot: Logboat Brewing Company (fave beer: Snapper IPA)

She’s as sweet as her name as long as you spell it right (that’s with an ‘i’, not a ‘y’). Our office would be lost without her! She keeps us all in line.

The Gatekeeper is an appropriate moniker for her, as she is our front-line.  She’s the first one you talk to when you call and the first one you see when you visit our office.  Being nice to Melodi will get you far in the C & G office, as she ensures that all your applications, maintenance requests, and issues get to the right person.

In her free time, she enjoys impromptu jam sessions & fires with her family, taking walks and exploring trails with her dog, Lu.