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The End of an Era: A reflection on my time with Mr. Callahan

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As of December 2016, Joe Callahan began what we coined his ‘semi-retirement’.  He remained working part-time over the course of 2017, usually working half days.  But as of Friday, September 22, 2017, Joe will work his last official day at Callahan & Galloway and enter ‘full-retirement’.  His jovial spirit, steadfast dedication, and expertise will be greatly missed. 

In honor & appreciation of his service to Callahan & Galloway, I wanted to list a few life lessons Joe Callahan bestowed upon me during the 8 years I was fortunate enough to work for him.

  1.  Never underestimate the power of a good joke.
  2.  Assume positive intent.
  3.  Always hold the ‘s’ when calling in regard to a matter.
  4.  Take chances on people that deserve a chance.
  5.  When the situation calls for it, ‘Plunge like your life depends on it.’
  6.  Travel often.
  7.  Always stay in touch with family and value old friendships.
  8.  The word, judgment, does not have an extra ‘e’, but maintEnance does.
  9.  Stick to your guns, but acquiesce when necessary.
  10.  Good service makes for repeat customers.
  11.  And always make eye contact when you’re toasting.

Cheers to you Joe Callahan!  You will be dearly missed.