In 1995, Callahan & Galloway Property Management began with the idea of lightening the load for smaller property investors in town who wanted to golf and fish or have dinner with their families instead of painting their apartments. We decided our philosophy of property management could make a positive impact on the smaller property owners and here we are 20 years later still making our mark.

C & G has grown into an over 500 unit property management company specializing in single family homes, apartments, lofts and duplexes. We aren’t your big, corporate office though– we’re locally owned and operated. We have evolved with the industry over the past 20 years by offering online listings and repair requests just like the big guys, but our personal service is unparalleled.

We take pride in knowing our tenants by name, and will do darn near anything we can to keep them comfortable.  We love watching our tenants transition from a one bedroom apartment into a single family home and ultimately, home ownership.  Although we do hate to lose good tenants, we always wish them the best and are happy to have been a part of their journey.

C & G’s intent has never been to be simply the biggest management company in Columbia. We just want to be the best, and given the opportunity we would love to prove it to you.



Meet the C & G Masterminds

Auben Galloway

Chief Problem Solver/Owner

Favorite local spot: Booches (2 EGROs, please). The 13 year home of our Christmas office party and 8 Ball Pool Tournament.

Auben was born and raised in Columbia. After graduating from MU he moved to Seattle following outdoor adventures and later further south to Sonoma wine country.  After 5 years of Missouri plane tickets and missing the four seasons of the midwest, he came back to his hometown roots.  It wasn’t long before he discovered the growing niche in town that Joe and Nancy had started with only fourteen properties.

We like to joke that if it’s a nice day and Auben can’t be found in the office, he’s probably taking a break from the computer. Those showings take extra time if it’s sunny and 75 degrees outside, ya know?  All joking aside, if he’s not in the office he is most likely enjoying time with his wife and two boys, volunteering at the PET project, consumed in the True/False Film Fest, or getting caught up talking to dang near everyone in Columbia. We swear he’s friends with almost everyone.

Joe Callahan

Chief Problem Solver/Owner

Favorite local spot: Murry’s (specifically the Oyster Grinder - try one TODAY!)

Joe was 6 months old when he first moved into the house he still lives in today.  As a child, Joe spent countless Saturdays in the press box at Memorial Stadium with his dad, longtime Mizzou Sports Information Director, Bill Callahan. After being away for several years as a young adult, he returned to Columbia and bought his childhood home from his dad. He currently lives there with his wife and fur baby Krystal. Random fact: That’s his second dog with the same name. Weird? We’re not here to judge… Anyway, somewhere along the line he forgot to have children. So, lucky for tenants, they’re his honorary kids since they’re always keeping him on his toes.

PS- Ask him to pull his thumb off for you or tell you a joke… Unless you’re easily offended, then don’t ask for the joke.

Nancy Galloway

Chief Problem Solver/Owner

Favorite local spot: Wine Cellar Bistro for lunch with girlfriends

Nancy developed her love for real estate when she married a man with an interest in the industry . Growing up going to Cardinals baseball games, she had an easy transition into becoming one of those crazy wrestling moms of all boys.  As if being a mom of all boys wasn’t enough of an adventure, she went skydiving for her 50th birthday. But skydiving is nothing compared to riding on the down escalator; she just can’t do that. (Come on, who can jump out of a plane but is too afraid to ride the down escalator?)

With her wild spirit aside, Nancy is the perfect substitute mom to those in need. She loves to cook and may call on you to be her guinea pig. So, if you’re ever homesick, need some “mom advice” or help creating the perfect chocolate chip cookie, Nancy is your gal. She also doubles as a great maintenance repairman – just ask her husband.


Laurie Oberweather

Omniscient Office Manager/The Enforcer

Favorite local spot: If it’s local, she loves it. Shout out to Murry’s and Flat Branch.

Laurie has been in Columbia since ‘07, when she met her husband during her one year at MU before transferring to Columbia College where she completed her degree.  Go COUGARS!  Laurie works part time as a group fitness instructor at Wilson’s teaching Kettleworx and hot barre, so be nice to her. Her husband is the head strength coach at CMU in Fayette, so you should really be nice to her. You’ve had fair warning.

She’s also great with names and never forgets a face.  She’s been known to tell tenants when she sees them around town, “I know where you live.” So again, fair warning.  Speaking of names, a random fact for you: Laurie is named after Laurie, Missouri that was founded by her great grandfather, Tom E. Laurie.  She has a great picture of him displayed in her office if you ever want to check it out.

Melodi Brant

Receptionist/The Gatekeeper

Favorite local spot: Tropical Liqueurs

She’s as sweet as her name as long as you spell it right. Our office would be lost without her! She keeps us all in line and makes sure Joe (and others – but mainly Joe) doesn’t forget his appointments. She’s our right-hand gal.

The Gatekeeper is an appropriate moniker for her, as she is our front-line.  She’s the first one you talk to when you call and the first one you see when you visit our office.  Being nice to Melodi will get you far in the C & G office, as she ensures that all your applications, maintenance requests, and issues get to the right person.  And if you’re not nice to her, remember you will have to answer to Laurie.


Skeat Blumer

Our Go-To Plumber and Leak Stopper

Jeremy Crane

Maintenance Supervisor aka Head Honcho