The Maneater Housing Review: Choose Callahan and Galloway for hassle-free East Campus living

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Finding an East Campus landlord who doesn’t suck is roughly analogous to finding Moby Dick. It’s a long, often-fruitless journey that leaves people obsessed and comes with the very real possibility of losing a limb.

Kidding. Kind of.

For its lack of amenities compared to basically every big housing complex ever and its reputation for being owned by a bunch of crazy people, East Campus housing goes quickly.

There are three basic strategies to getting a place on East Campus: You can have lucky connections (a lot of properties are handed down between friends, siblings or Greek houses), do a ton of research (to avoid the crazy people that own almost every property), or skip the research and risk signing on with a slumlord. I advise against the third option.

I went for the research, and it paid off. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have East Campus aspirations and want a (gasp!) positive rental experience, try Callahan and Galloway.

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